Client Work

It’s nearly Christmasssssss! So why are we talking about Spring/Summer 2023 in December?? Because that’s where the minds of long lead journalists are right now. Everyone is busy planning what the next big thing for 2023 will be, so if you’re in the know – it’s time to start pitching out your ideas. Don’t forget […]

In early 2020, Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park approached In The Bag PR to help with the launch of a brand new exhibit ‘Night & Day experience’. Following over half a million pounds-worth of investment, the new attraction was designed to guide visitors through 24hrs of a coral reef as it transitions from night to […]

Finding the connection, the world in 2020 We’re beginning our 6th week in lockdown and it doesn’t seem like the end is in sight just yet.  As with businesses across the UK, our clients are all working hard to adapt to the current environment be that working from home, evolving their offerings, and looking for […]

We’ve spent the afternoon giving our website a little refresh….hope you like it! Something new is the addition of our 2017 Editorial Product Placement Infographic on our coverage page. Totally blown away with the figures for 2017. We have generated some AMAZING coverage for our clients. . . If you are a brand looking to […]

. This month has been a monstrous month in terms of coverage for our clients and there’s nothing more extra than putting the circulation stats into our spreadsheets (*spreadsheet geek alert*) and seeing just how many people have been reached and how many people have seen our client’s products. . The Content Marketing Institute tells […]

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