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We live and breathe PR. We have a proven track record of success and widespread coverage for both online and offline brands spanning print, online and broadcast media.

Media Strategy

In The Bag PR can work with you to strategically bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

What’s Your Bag?

If you’re ambitious, driven and passionate about your brand, then we can help by connecting you with the right opportunities, with the right media at the right time; building credibility, exposure and long-term brand equity.

We work closely with you to ascertain where you want to go, how you want to be perceived and the type of media attention you would like to attract. And, whether it’s building on your existing presence or moving in an entirely new direction, with us, it’s in the bag. 

Regional, national and international press
Whole feature articles
Expert comment requests
Magazine columns
Bags of Brands

In The Bag PR works with brands at varying stages of business, with different goals and budgets. You may have a 3, 5 or 10 year plan to get your brand to the top of your niche – but there is never a better time to start than now.

Small PR leads to bigger PR, which gets more attention, more traction and more high-profile opportunities.

Ambassador endorsements
Lucrative partnership deals
Prime-time interviews
Television opportunities

Lifestyle & Luxury PR

Are you the Birkin bag of your sector? The very best of the best when it comes to what you offer? If so, we have bags of PR, marketing and influencer contacts waiting to hear about your big idea.

The world of PR is ever-changing and we work to stay ahead of the trends.

We use events, training, traditional PR, media relations, influencer outreach, photography, social media design and research to ensure our luxury and lifestyle clients constantly reach their desired audiences.

Food & Drink PR

We have spent years developing contacts in the world of Food & Drink from chefs to journalists, producers to food photographers.

As such, we understand the time it takes to hone a menu, experiment with unique flavours and ultimately create a product or business where customers come back for more. By running press trips for our restaurants, we invite journalists to experience the innovation, luxury and comfort on offer.

Also, we send out product samples to food press, product press and gift press, introducing new content for their pages. Our team works with influencers and chefs to develop recipes and create stunning photography for use on social media, websites and in the press. We host and attend food festivals which draw large numbers of visitors, create huge amounts of coverage and sell products. Food & Drink PR is at the very soul of what we do, and we love it.

Social Media Advertising

66% of the UK population use social media regularly, spending approximately 1 hour 42 minutes scrolling, engaging, and networking across various social platforms.

On average users will click on 18 ads per month! Our Social Media Advertising service harnesses the power and significant advertising potential of Facebook and Instagram.

Helping brands looking to build brand awareness, grow their audience and increase revenue through strategic, data-driven fully managed paid advertising campaigns.

Social Media

Social media is a conversation which brands need to engage in on a daily basis. We understand that managing this conversation, keeping it going, and tying it into all other brand activity is no mean feat. We help businesses put their best emoji forward by creating on-brand social media strategies.

These strategies include content creation, branded images, customer service, key date tie-ins, hashtag research, search optimisation, crisis management and much more.

If you need help making the most of your social media platforms, In the Bag PR can guide you in your efforts, take on the day-to-day management or run targeted campaigns on your behalf.

Influencer Outreach

In this digital age the consumer is looking for more than simply advertising to help inform their lifestyle and purchasing choices. Influencers and micro-influencers provide inspiration, aspirational content and their personal opinion on anything from fashion to wellbeing, food to technology and everything in between.

Engaging with influencers can be a powerful way of reaching specific audiences, all with certain interests in common. Working with trusted sources, generating interesting and usable content and engaging with target markets are all outcomes of a great influencer engagement campaign.

Press Trips

We firmly believe that our clients are their own best form of PR and advertising. We have found that inviting key contacts and media to personally experience what is on offer, is one of the best ways to encourage engagement.

From hosting journalists in restaurants, or planning an action packed weekend away for the press, it’s always best to get first-hand experience. We offer specialised press trips services for:

  • Restaurant Groups
  • Hotel Groups
  • Private Hire Opportunities
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