Client WorkSEA LIFE – Weymouth Night & Day Experience

SEA LIFE – Weymouth Night & Day Experience

In early 2020, Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park approached In The Bag PR to help with the launch of a brand new exhibit ‘Night & Day experience’. Following over half a million pounds-worth of investment, the new attraction was designed to guide visitors through 24hrs of a coral reef as it transitions from night to day and was due to open in April 2020.

Our involvement had two strands; 1) to invite press and local VIP’s to a launch event, attend the event and follow up with a post launch release. 2) to generate press coverage of the new exhibit with a particular focus on TV opportunities.

Armed with background information, research and top facts about Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park, we got to work and secured TV coverage on ITV South West, Meridian and Westcountry and also across the BBC news channels too.  We arranged for film crews from both ITV and BBC to visit and film the Green Sea Turtle’s being re-introduced to the water, before the exhibit was due to open to the public.  We co-ordinated a diver armed with a Go-Pro to get footage from underneath the water and we ensured we were on hand with press releases and the correct people from the exhibit to answer any questions.  We even persuaded the BBC to film the new Fairy Penguins for a separate feature! The BBC reporter was so thrilled with the story and being so hands on, that she arranged to return to film the sharks being re-introduced. Sadly, due to COVID-19 this couldn’t happen as planned. 

This project had clear KPIs which In The Bag PR met efficiently, managing the whole process and working closely with both the media and Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park. 

  • The Night & Day Exhibit is home to over 20 different species including Black Tip Sharks, (large) Stingrays, Nurse Sharks, Green Sea Turtles and a range of fish species.
  • The exhibit includes a projected bio-luminescence interactive beach
  • Night & Day is home to three Green Sea Turtles all rescued from Florida
  • The Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park is home to the only colony of Fairy Penguins in all of Europe
  • The Park includes Caribbean Cove, Dorset’s greatest outdoor adventure play area

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