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Across the board it’s clear that consumers are making decisions based on factors such as the environment, diversity, and their social conscience. This goes for big brands and small businesses – strong and meaningful corporate social responsibility initiatives are now non-negotiable, in fact 77% of consumers are more likely to use companies that are committed […]

The way social media is being used is constantly evolving – even in 2023. is the 9th most visited website globally.  Twitter’s user count is expected to grow upwards of 335 million in 2023. 54% of Twitter’s audience are more likely to purchase new products ( Despite Elon’s best efforts! Twitter can also be […]

Once a month we’ll share PR trends for 2023, giving you some insider knowledge on the who’s, the what’s, and the why’s of PR and marketing. If you’d like more information – get in touch. January – A whopping 94% of PR professionals said that individual, 1:1 emails are the most effective way to pitch […]

Here at In The Bag PR we’ve been talking about Christmas since July, suffice to say – we’re ready for the mulled wine now! Now is a great time to review your year in marketing, what worked well, what resonated with your target audience, what sold the best? Look through your coverage and engagement, the […]

It’s nearly Christmasssssss! So why are we talking about Spring/Summer 2023 in December?? Because that’s where the minds of long lead journalists are right now. Everyone is busy planning what the next big thing for 2023 will be, so if you’re in the know – it’s time to start pitching out your ideas. Don’t forget […]

Long MAY she reign We’re planning ahead to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this month with Jubilee photoshoots and lots of Jubilee social media to tie into this unique key date and news hook.   “Insider tip – there are lots of free tools and software that can help with your comms approach.” In order to make […]

Balancing Your Backstory: The Key To Newsworthy PR . We all know someone who can’t help but go into too much detail when telling a story: getting to the point takes so long that by the time they’re there, we’ve tuned out. The punch line loses its ‘punch’ because even though the tale was [eventually] fantastic, the key message […]

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