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Gimme gimme kimchi

We often talk about ourselves as a London agency based in Dorset. We have London connections, a cosmopolitan ethos and let’s be honest, we’re all about the amazing food (and drink) available in our favourite city! 

Another thing that rings true with this London agency statement is that we have national, and international clients. Yes we have some awesome Dorset clients too… but our reach spans the globe, working with brands with head offices not based in the U.K.   

Yep that’s right, we were video calling longggg before the pandemic, and working around time zones to meet with clients.

Our most recent global client was Jongga Kimchi – Korea’s number 1 kimchi since 1987. We were asked to work with Jongga, as well as French company Association Mes Amis to publicise a kimchi cook-off event at Le Cordon Bleu London. The aim was to generate press coverage but also invite journalists to the event itself to see the final dishes and learn more about K-food.  

This was the first time an event like this was held in the UK, participants were invited to submit recipes via social media where kimchi was a key ingredient.  These recipes were then judged by the Culinary Arts Director at Le Cordon Bleu and 10 finalists were invited into the hallowed halls to cook their recipe for tasting.  Only one finalist would be crowned the kimchi king and the overall aim of the event is to raise awareness of Korean food and its possibilities here in the UK. 

With a very short turnaround we worked hard to invite our contacts – a mix of bloggers, influencers and press, to the event to generate coverage and also content.  We had over 20 contacts attend – a firm base to build upon for next year’s event. 

We a launch press release, a finalists press release and of course a post-event press release.  We drafted and circulated a media invite to our contacts, and we also attended the event to ensure that everything from the PR side ran smoothly. 

The event was a resounding success with incredibly inspired dishes, we’re very excited to see what happens next year. 


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