AdviceFinding the connection, the world in 2020

Finding the connection, the world in 2020

Finding the connection, the world in 2020

We’re beginning our 6th week in lockdown and it doesn’t seem like the end is in sight just yet.  As with businesses across the UK, our clients are all working hard to adapt to the current environment be that working from home, evolving their offerings, and looking for any opportunities that this situation may provide.  Our restaurant clients are providing local home delivery services, our brands are focusing energies on their online platforms and our hospitality and entertainment clients are using this time to connect with their target audiences. 

Adapting to the current environment has been key for clients and for us in terms of the marketing.  There are opportunities to connect with audiences, offering information, inspiration as well as distraction.  This isn’t about the hard sell, it’s about giving something back to your target market, building a rapport which ultimately in the long run will garner trust, support and then sales.  

Here at In The Bag PR, we are working with clients to create an online presence that potential customers will want to connect with.  This includes improving or revamping websites, creating engaging social media content, working with the media to offer expert commentary and content; the aim is always to offer something back, not to expect something in return.  Only 8% of people believe that companies should stop advertising but want companies to be aware and sensitive in their messaging.[1] 

It has been a long time, generations perhaps, since a feeling of us all being in something together has taken over the nation.  It’s time for brands to show that they’re in this too, to be sensitive to what is going on and to give back.  The investment now will lead to growth in the future.  75% of people think brands should NOT exploit the situation to promote their brand. 40% believe brands should avoid using humorous tones in advertising.

A recent webinar with Kantar demonstrates the implications for brand builders and those creating content:  

  1. Feel confident that people are open to and even welcome advertising.
  2. If you’re in a category that is either in high demand or is unavailable be aware that there’s a greater risk people will find your advertising inappropriate. Communicating in a way that is authentic to your brand and that isn’t seen to be taking advantage of the situation is critical.
  3. People can suspend reality when watching an ad, showing people gathering or even outdoors per se isn’t rejected, but if you’re seen to be actively encouraging people to break the rules, you’re in trouble!
  4. Appropriate humour is welcomed. You have an opportunity to make people smile and bring some happiness to their day.

Just as the world has changed, so has the way we are using marketing for our clients.  There are opportunities available, you just have to identify them.  If you would like more information on the work we’re doing and the services we offer, please contact [email protected] or call 07970 441046. 

[1] Kantar COVID-19 barometer (March 14th – 23rd 2020) – global average

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