AdviceWorking in Isolation – the COVID-19 update

Working in Isolation – the COVID-19 update

There are definite pros when it comes to working from home – what’s more comfortable than your laptop, sofa and joggers?  However, with isolation stretching ahead for an unconfirmed time, the idea of working from home may be wearing a little thin. 

Here at In The Bag we have always prided ourselves on offering flexibility when it came to working, whether that be where our staff work or the hours that they work.  Our focus has always been the work and making sure it’s completed to the highest standards. 

How do we make sure we’re getting the best from our staff during this strange time?  Produce the best work even though the team is separated?  Ensure we all stay motivated during a time when distractions are abundant the juggle of home life and work life is the most prominent its ever been? 

1. The number 1 top tip we have in this situation is communication!  We have remained in contact with our clients, updating them on the opportunities we’re working on and sharing our own quarantine woes – we’re all in this together. 

We have also remained in constant contact with the team, with the likes of WhatsApp and zoom we’re catching up, checking in and offering support wherever needed – it’s not all been work focused, we’re here when we need to vent as well. 

2. Flexibility – we’ve continued to offer as much flexibility to the team as they need.  We know that not everyone can sit at their computer from 9 to 5 when they’re at home during the lockdown.  If emails need to be sent at 8pm so our staff can spend the afternoon with the kids, then we’re all for it. 

3. Creating your space – finally we’ve all spent time creating our space to work, making it separate from the sofa (sadly) and ensuring that this area offers us the focus we need to work.

So far during the lockdown we’ve pitched for new business, taken on projects, worked with our current clients to help them through this time, drunk copious amounts of wine and threatened to kill most of our households… We know it’s tough but together we can make it through to a safer world.

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