Welcome May!

Welcome May! We’re nearly half way through the year, the sun is shining and there’s lots in store this month both here in the office, and out and about as well.

Today we share a fantastic inspirational business quote from Jonah Sachs, “Your brand is a story unfolding across all your customer touch points.”

Whatever unfolds for you this month…be sure to enjoy!

3 Ways To Use Social PR To Get More Attention For Your Brand

Prior to the rise of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Advertising, Marketing, and PR were three very distinct business disciplines. Fast forward to 2017 with the explosion of social media, and they’ve merged to be the unstoppable force we know today!


In a nutshell, Social PR is all about leveraging the power and reach of Social Media to connect with new audiences and get more people talking about you, more often.

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Hello April!

Hello April! The sun is shining and 2017 is well underway. We’re loving our quote from Seth Godin this month, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”

Keep your eye on our blog for magic-making PR tips and tricks as we move through Spring towards the Summer season.

2017 Social Media Competition Guide

There are many reasons to run competitions on social media. They are fun, relatively inexpensive to produce, they engage our fan base and are ‘share-worthy’ posts that can expand your fan & follower base.

To get the most out of your Social Media Competitions, we’ve prepared the following Guide with important considerations, top tips and rules for success. Continue Reading

March Madness

Hello March…and welcome Spring! This month is a great one for motivation and making progress and we’ve got some great tips coming up on our Feed for you to use in your business. In the mean time, we’ll leave you with our gorgeous March quote from Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Enjoy!