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Chocolate Bunnies

Easter is so close we can taste the chocolate!

The Easter break is a wonderful time, whether it’s a time of faith, a time with family or a great excuse to eat a lot, but with the break comes distraction and busy plans and it can be hard to keep the social flowing. Sign up for our printable calendars to help you plan ahead, and if you’re caught short to give you some inspiration and hashtags when you’re posting on the fly.

Here are some great awareness days for April, Earth Day is global and April Fools always entertaining:

1st – April Fools Day

9th – Unicorn Day

17th – Easter Sunday

22nd – Earth Day

Use these key dates to plan your social content and you have at least 1 post per week already in the bank. You can go a step further and schedule posts so that they go out automatically, we always recommend a mix of scheduled and spur of the moment posts.

Social media could be a great place for an April Fools gag – just make sure whatever you go for ties in with your brand values.

Earth Day is all about the environment and doing our bit to help. This isn’t about one person single-handedly solving the climate crisis, but it IS about what you can do in your sphere of influence to make a change.

If you haven’t started planning your social content for next month, then now is the time to start.   Sign up to our newsletter and every month we will send you In The Bag PR’s content creation monthly planner.  We’ve done the research for you in terms of key dates and hashtags, and its a great tool to help you feel more in control of your social strategy.

Good luck with April’s planning – and let us know how you get on!

Until next month…

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