AdvicePR Trends for 2023 – Welcome

PR Trends for 2023 – Welcome

Once a month we’ll share PR trends for 2023, giving you some insider knowledge on the who’s, the what’s, and the why’s of PR and marketing. If you’d like more information – get in touch.

JanuaryA whopping 94% of PR professionals said that individual, 1:1 emails are the most effective way to pitch journalists (Muck Rack)

Gone are the days of mass emailing press releases out to 1000’s of journalists (yes we’ve all done it in the past!), nowadays the way to make an impact is to really know who is writing about what.  We use a number of methods to do this, not least being actually reading the publications our clients want to be seen in.  We make note of who is writing about what, we follow them on social platforms and we keep an eye on what’s making them tick. 

Now we’re not saying that there’s no place for press releases, of course not.  If you’ve got BIG NEWS then sending out a well written press release to a carefully curated list of journalists is still a valid way to get information out there.  However, from our experience, offering exclusives, keeping lists small and writing individual pitches gets way more cut-through than the generic ‘hope you’re well email’.  

Think of it like sliding into someone’s DMs, but less creepy and talking about your client/brand/service news.  

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