AdviceSay hello to the Easter bunny 

Say hello to the Easter bunny 

This year Easter is later in the month – lots of people head off on holiday, be sure to bear tis in mind when doing any marketing pushes. With PR remember that journalists may be out of the office. Make a note of their return date and email them again when they’re back.

“Know your target audience – what’s the best way to communicate with them?”.

Not everyone looks for information in the same way. Different generations of customers find businesses in all sorts of ways. Some look in newspapers, some online, others ask around for recommendations. Make sure you understand your audience demographic. Also remember that different businesses rely more heavily on different ways of advertising. Notoriously people don’t change banks so often remain with the same provider that their parents set them up with as children! When it comes to online shopping, people are more happy for suggestions to be made to them on their social platforms. Remember, no one likes a pop up ad on screen!

Depending on your business – you might have a very specific audience, with an average age and unique interests. However, you could also have a business with an audience spanning many ages, differing interests and habits.  Thinking about how your customers find you and using different tools to reach them gives you a rounded marketing approach.  

Social media platforms have the ability to offer in-depth analytics of your audience. This can give you incredible insights into your customers habits, interests, age, location and much more. Meaning you can really hone your message and how and when to communicate it.

Ensure your messaging hits the right tone for your customer – Great Grandad Bill is unlikely to be served your ad on Instagram – or see your Reel. But cousin Ruby might!

Create your customer profile and think about the tone of your business and comms before spending money on marketing or advertising. 

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