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Guys, it’s sweater weather!  Hocus Pocus, Pumpkins, jumpers, hot chocolates and fallen leaves – the spooky season is officially upon us.   With all these iconic autumn trends flying around now is the time to look at the news agenda and see what you can tie into.  Pumpkin recipes?  Check!  Ways to keep warm this winter?  […]

Halloween is one of those key dates that is inescapable! Growing in popularity over the years here in the UK, more and more businesses are embracing the Hocus Pocus (what. a. movie.) and using this key date to their benefit. In turn, we’re seeing more engagement and of course, more publications reporting on the ‘holiday’. […]

“Focus on engagement, with social media, and online customer service, customers want to know they are heard” September for us is a return to routine with kids back to school, journalists back at desks and the team feeling refreshed and ready for that all important Q4.  This time of year feels pretty similar to January […]

September is just around the corner… If, like us, you’ve survived the summer holidays with children rest assured we’re on the home straight! Now is the time to plan your September content, the changing of the seasons and the run up to Christmas is a key time of year to revamp your marketing, tying into […]

We’re all going on a summer holiday “Plan ahead – PR is about timing and getting journalists what they need, when they need it” August is the best time to plan your PR and marketing for autumn/winter.  Across the board August is the month when journalists, producers, planners and everyone in between head off on […]

Summer is finally here – we’ll remember the heatwave of July 22 for years to come It’s time to start planning in your August marketing and look ahead to autumn. This summer national and weekly publications will be looking for information on days out, events and products to help keep the kids entertained. Looking further […]

July is here and we know that means that life for many is about to get a bit more hectic. The end of the academic year whilst joyful for the kids is stressful for working parents and caregivers. One of the ways to help ease the stress is letting other people do some of your […]

Long MAY she reign We’re planning ahead to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this month with Jubilee photoshoots and lots of Jubilee social media to tie into this unique key date and news hook.   “Insider tip – there are lots of free tools and software that can help with your comms approach.” In order to make […]

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