AdviceAutumn in August?

Autumn in August?

We’re all going on a summer holiday

“Plan ahead – PR is about timing and getting journalists what they need, when they need it”

August is the best time to plan your PR and marketing for autumn/winter.  Across the board August is the month when journalists, producers, planners and everyone in between head off on holiday.  With this in mind, pitching can be harder in August so we recommend sending concise and informative emails to journalists but waiting until Sept to do any real follow up.  

So rather than pitching, now is the time for planning.  We know that publications are looking ahead to autumn, and winter/Christmas.  If you can, start putting together your Christmas push – get photography together, recipes, products, colourways – if you have this ready to send off the bat, journalists will use you over your competitors.  It’s a great time to revamp your brand and set goals for the next few months.  

Don’t forget to think about autumn – the half term break, the harvest, rich and warm recipes, products for back to school, Christmas gift ideas, autumnal home decorating, winter breaks and cosy autumn staycations…  There’s lots of trends to come when the summer ends.  

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