AdviceSchool’s OUT for summer!

School’s OUT for summer!

July is here and we know that means that life for many is about to get a bit more hectic. The end of the academic year whilst joyful for the kids is stressful for working parents and caregivers. One of the ways to help ease the stress is letting other people do some of your marketing for you…

The best way to shout about your business is by other people doing it   

“Use testimonials – what instils confidence more than a previous customer vouching for you?”

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again – word of mouth is still the best form of advertising!  Now whether that’s digital word of mouth with your favourite influencer , or just simply chatting over a glass of rosé – we are far more likely to pay attention to recommendations than advertising.  

Customer testimonials are the next best thing to word of mouth.  They show trust in your brand or service, offer insight to the experience of interacting with you and help add a level of trust to the decision-making process.  

If you can get customer testimonials then showcase them for all they’re worth!  

What’s better than you saying you’re good?  Other people saying you’re good  ‍♀️

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