AdviceHere comes the sun

Here comes the sun

We’re bang in the middle of the summer half term and the extra bank holiday has really got us into the mood for summer.   

As you will have seen, the news agenda has been monopolised by the Jubilee, a huge key date for the press.  You may have had something that linked into this, or you wanted to create something to link into this, but do you write a press release to share this information?  

“Writing a press release – not all news is worthy of a press release, do you know how to decide what is an and isn’t?”

If you are launching something BRAND NEW or you have NEW statistics to share or a NEW brand partnership or collaboration then a press release can be a great way to share all of your new information in one place.  If however you’re tying a product or service into a key date, potentially all you need is a media alert highlighting the key date and its connection to your product or service.  A media alert includes all the key bullets of info, a photo and the opportunity to sample if you’re able to offer samples.  

When writing press releases bear in mind that some journalists may not be able to use the information immediately, but save this for a future story.  Make sure you have a catchy headline and email subject, include all the main information in the first 1 or 2 paragraphs, and be sure to include photography.  

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