AdviceAnd it’s back to “normal”

And it’s back to “normal”

“Focus on engagement, with social media, and online customer service, customers want to know they are heard”

September for us is a return to routine with kids back to school, journalists back at desks and the team feeling refreshed and ready for that all important Q4.  This time of year feels pretty similar to January in many respects – new goals are being set, the planning for Christmas begins and the changing of seasons can be refreshing.  From a marketing point of view this is a great time to get back on top of your engagement .  Utilise your different platforms and really speak to your customers.  This could be social media, this could be via your blog or website, or even in person.  Reach out and build up that interaction.    

If you are an online business focusing on your customer support puts you in good stead for the Christmas build up.  For other brands and businesses, as dark nights roll in, more time than ever is spent online – it’s time to engage! 

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