Food, glorious food! We’ve put our forks together to come up with three foodie brands you need in your life this month.

From fun to informative, healthy to heavenly and everything in between, we think these three brands are making great strides in the world of social media.

And, we’ve enjoyed our research that we’re making this a monthly feature. So we’ll be back soon with our next three top picks for you. Right after lunch, that is…

3 Foodie Brands To Follow In November

1. Primrose’s Kitchen

With a social media portfolio packed full of beautiful, shining, healthy goodness, Primrose’s Kitchen* is all about ‘Food for a new Consciousness’. Sharing recipes, natural remedies and lifestyle-based content, this is one brand that’s a feast for your eyes as well as your mind & soul.

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2. Lara Jane Thorpe

With an Instagram feed to make you drool, Lara* is a professional photographer specialising in food. And boy, this is one social media portfolio that makes you want to spend all day eating! A great pick for general foodie lovers, chefs, restaurant owners and budding photographers seeking inspiration for their own kitchens and imagery. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via the website.


3. Innocent

Get ready for a whole serving of fun. And cute. And colour. And…the list goes on! Everyone deserves a bit of Innocent Drinks in their [social] lives and their updates will definitely put a smile on your face. Be sure to set your timer though: a short little browse can turn into half an hour looking at baby hedgehog photos! Innocent, your next guilty pleasure.

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Brilliant fruit art from our friend @mr.kriss


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See you next week where we share our top lifestyle brand recommendations.

Team In The Bag

*Disclaimer: we work with Primrose’s Kitchen and Lara Jane Thorpe on an ongoing basis.