AdviceWe expect to see a return to face-to-face interviews after years of Zooms! 

We expect to see a return to face-to-face interviews after years of Zooms! 

Video meetings have been the norm for many over the past few years, and the progress made with time management and efficiency has come leaps and bounds with the flexibility that video meetings offer. However, nearly 100% of people say face-to-face communication is essential for long-term business relationships.

The key to this lies within body language, hand gestures and facial expressions that can be missed via a video link. As we all know it’s hard to infer tone via email and often things can be misinterpreted! Meeting face to face enables clearer communication, the ability to read the room and form meaningful connections with the other people present.

In the world of PR one of things we’ve seen an increase in has been online, speed dating style, pitching sessions. These have given the opportunity to interact with journalists outside of major cities and pitch clients in a way which might have been done in person, over coffee or lunch in the past. That being said, as the world has opened up once again, the desire to meet in person is returning and brands and spokespeople should be aware of this.

Looking to the future VR is again changing the playing field when it comes to in-person meetings. We could well me meeting in the metaverse, joining workmates in a virtual office and reading body language, and gestures and facial expressions through avatars! It’s an exciting time to be working as these changes take place, but for now, meeting in person and building that feeling of trust and loyalty is back on the rise.

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