Client WorkThe Great British Whelk Revival

The Great British Whelk Revival

Where there’s a Whelk, there’s a way.

And that ‘way’ is Weymouth Harbour, where we’ve spent a glorious few days photographing the local fishermen for The Great British Whelk Revival, sponsored by Tabasco®

Did you know that in 2013 a staggering 722 tons of whelks were landed in Weymouth Harbour, making it the 3rd biggest whelk port in England and Wales with a value of £545K? And that most of these little fellas are shipped straight outside the country? Well, we were shocked, too, which is why the 2014 Whelk Revival campaign is so important to the region.

In The Bag PR is working with Pommery, Tabasco® and The Dining Room’s Taher Jibet to encourage you to ‘love a whelk’ at this year’s Dorset Seafood Festival, held in Weymouth Harbour on 12 & 13 July 2014. Taher will be cooking up a storm and festival goers are invited to try one of his freshly cooked whelks or sample one of his free delicious whelk dishes. Make your way to his stand near the Weymouth Pavilion, where you’ll be very ‘whelkome’!

In the mean time, below are some shots of our location shoot from April 2014. Enjoy, and see you there in July!

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