A feast of gorgeousness! We’ve put our lust-lists together to come up with three lifestyle brands you need in your life this month.

From attainable to aspirational, colourful to cultural, informative to fun and everything in between, we think these three brands are making great strides in the world of social media.

3 LIFESTYLE Brands To Follow In November

1. Electra Bicycle Company

Unhurry up. The good folks at Electra tell us life’s too short not to go on a bike ride. And with rides like theirs, they might just be right. Sharing gorgeous lifestyle shots featuring their bicycles as well as snippets of the free-spirited, bohemian bikie lifestyle we all wish we had, Electra’s online profile will be sure to brighten up your day.

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The Fall colors are really starting to show. #Electra #ElectraBikes

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2. Brit + Co

Sharing innovative ideas, apps, and products to help you live more creatively, it’s best not to look at their social profiles unless you have 5 minutes set aside to daydream. Bright photography, gorgeous products, interesting articles and genuinely useful tips, this is one brand you definitely need to while away a chilly November day.

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3. Condé Nast Traveler

Pack your bags and let’s get out of here! City, country, culture, colour…this brand is for people who love to travel and their expertly curated social media profiles let you sail away to a different destination any day of the week. Warning: be prepared for serious holiday envy.

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See you next week where we share our top luxury brand recommendations.

Team In The Bag

*Disclaimer: we work with Electra Bicycle Company on an ongoing basis.