PR4 Types Of PR That Take Months (Or Years!) To Achieve

4 Types Of PR That Take Months (Or Years!) To Achieve

4 Types Of PR That Take Months (Or Years!) To Achieve

A young Jamie Oliver was working as a sous chef chef at River Café while the BBC were filming a feature. At the time, the director was looking for the next ‘big thing’ in the TV chef world – Oliver made an unscripted appearance, lit up the cameras… and voilà – he got his first big break!

Fast forward to today, Oliver has sold over 37 MILLION books in 36 different languages. His app has over 12M downloads, he has 37 television titles broadcast globally, 10M unique monthly visitors to his website, the #4 Food Channel on YouTube and the fastest growing drinks channel in the world.

And he’s worth a cool £240 million.

Did any of us predict this when ‘The Naked Chef’ burst onto our screens 20 years ago, flinging olive oil all over the kitchen while describing everything as ‘pukka’?

Maybe we didn’t… but someone did. Oliver’s rise to fame is the result of that big dose of luck, combined with a carefully constructed PR plan and a lot of hard work. And [Chef] hats off to him: he’s now a well-loved, respected and influential icon.

So, how can you do it, too?


The first tool to master is that of mindset: Sure, you may not be where Oliver is now, but really – deep down and fundamentally – there is no real difference between you and him. The road ahead of you may be long but really, anything is possible once you adopt this mindset and settle on your mission.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at 4 types of PR that will take time to achieve, that can lead on to bigger and better things… fame and wealth included!

  1. Expert comment in print & broadcast media, blogs and industry-specific publications
  2. Dual-partnerships: working with bigger and more influential brands in your niche to reach a wider audience
  3. One-off and feature opportunities on radio and TV
  4. Dedicated opportunities specifically tailored to you: regular TV appearances / your own show, book opportunities, endorsement deals, etc.

Any of the 4 types of PR above can open big doors for you to get infinitely more exposure, reach more customers, position yourself as the go-to expert in your field and potentially, make you more money for doing what you love.

But you can’t expect to go from ‘zero to hero’ and land huge PR opportunities straight off the bat. Start small, ‘pay your dues’ as they say, and consistently work your way up to the top. Here’s how:

  1. Make a plan (aka: ‘create your own luck!)’: decide where you want to be and what you want to be known for – plan to stand out and get noticed
  2. Begin developing media relations with influential journalists and publications in your target market.
  3. Start producing deliberate, targeted content for press and social media
  4. Start today! If you have a goal for the next 2, 5, 15 years, the sooner you start, the quicker your dreams may just come true!

.To your PR success!

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