LinkedIn is a key business and networking tool for any business or entrepreneur, in virtually all markets.

It’s true that some industries are more naturally geared towards marketing on LinkedIn than others. Yet even if your target market isn’t particularly active on the site, the fact remains that a poorly maintained LinkedIn profile can actually harm your brand image.

Don’t let that happen to you. Spend 5 minutes crafting your Profile to make a strong first impression.

Top 5 Areas To Complete On Your LinkedIn Profile

If you choose to do nothing else on the site, at the very least be sure to make sure these 5 areas of your profile are covered.

1: A professional Profile picture

Your profile picture is be one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn – and overall – online presence.

LinkedIn is predominately a corporate network therefore your profile photo should accurately represent how you would like to be seen as a professional. Don’t turn up to work every day in a shirt & tie? No problem, just dress the best for your industry.

Well-lit, in-focus photography, clean backgrounds, smart clothing and facing directly to the camera are all important aspects of your profile photo.

Professional photography is well worth the investment. If not, take the time to get the right photo with your personal camera or device – people will judge you on your photo, good or bad.


2: Your Professional Headline

Potential clients, or employers, are looking at your profile and in the split second it takes them to form an impression of you, you will want to present your absolute best.

Your Professional Headline can help you do just that. To edit:

  1. Navigate to your Profile
  2. Click the pencil icon next to your Headline  
  3. Craft your Headline & save.
3: Your Contact Information

If you’re using LinkedIn for business – even if you’re not necessarily active on the site – it is vital that people are able to get in touch via your current contact information. To edit:

  1. Navigate to your contact tab, just below your Connections count
  2. An options box will expand where you can edit your contact information. 
  3. Complete all desired fields with your current details and click save.
5: Your Current Experience

Keep your profile up to date with your current – or most recent – position.

This is one of the main areas potential clients and employers will look. Give a good amount of detail yet stick to the point.

Write for your target market, whether it be new clients, partners or employers. Do seek to portray yourself in the best light, yet always be accurate and truthful.

Not sure what to write? For inspiration, look at the profiles of other people in your industry.

  1. Navigate to your experience section
  2. Select Add Position, or click on a current position to edit
  3. Update your details including dates, location, and overview then click save


5: Your Custom LinkedIn URL

Editing this one little field can go a long way in demonstrating that you have put time and thought into your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Navigate to your pre-set, ‘Public’ LinkedIn URL, just below your profile picture
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit your settings
  3. Enter your name as you would like it to appear in your custom LinkedIn public profile URL
  4. Click ‘save.’ You can now use this URL to send people directly to your Profile



That’s it for this edition of #MarketingMinute

Enjoy, and see you next time!

The team at In The Bag PR