When a ‘Facecrook’ gets into your personal profile they can see your Friends lists, contact details, messages and more. And, they may potentially navigate to your Brand Page and cause havoc there as well if they’re feeling particularly destructive.

What to do if your facebook account gets hacked

Because you access and manage your Facebook Brand Page from your personal Facebook profile (and the same goes for all Administrators with access to your brand account), your Page may be at risk if you get hacked.

If this happens to you, or one of your employees with Brand Page access, don’t panic.

There are steps you can take to rectify the situation, and the results will be much better the faster you respond.

If you, or one of your Facebook Page Managers get hacked, follow these 4 steps immediately:
As a further security measure, set Up Facebook ‘Trusted Contacts’

Facebook’s ‘Trusted Contacts’ help you regain access to your account if you’re having problems accessing your account.

In The Bag PR Facebook Trusted Contacts

After you set up trusted contacts, next time you can’t get into your account your trusted contacts can access special, one-time security codes from Facebook via a URL.

Share this information with your co-workers

If you have other people with access to your Facebook Brand Page then they should be made aware of these steps to take if they ever suffer a hack on their personal profile.


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