Electra Bicycle Company

Electra Bicycle Company

PR & Event Management

Electra Bicycle Company is the leading lifestyle bicycle brand in the U.S. and quickly expanding throughout Europe. For over 25 years Electra has created bikes that are inspired by art, music, fashion and the Californian sunshine.

At Electra, its mission is clear. Become the most amazing lifestyle brand in the bicycle industry. It doesn’t do this by simply designing better bikes, accessories and clothes. It does this by being true to itself. By infusing its culture into everything it does. By celebrating creativity and individuality. Electra didn’t get anywhere by following in someone else’s tire tracks. And it’s not going to start now.

What we did.

In the Bag PR works with Electra building brand awareness and sharing its unique ethos and mission with a UK audience. With a focus on Electra’s expansion plans in Europe, nurturing relationships with retailers and launching new and innovative products to a wide target market, In the Bag PR utilises product testing, media relations, event management and influencer outreach to share the Electra story.

You Rock, Let’s Roll…

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