One of the most common complaints we hear is that people just don’t know what to post online to keep their social media profiles fresh, relevant and interesting.

If you’re committed to building your audience online, you’ll know that while consistency is important, so is variety. And when you’re busy with the million other tasks it takes to run a successful business, it’s no wonder your ‘inspiration station’ can sometimes feel a little dry!

To help you out, here is a short list of 25 ideas for social media updates to help you build your audience and engage with your customers in a meaningful way.


  1. First things first, always post your offers and deals: This is still the #1 reason people like a brand on social media
  2. Social media is built for sharing: consider sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your life or business
  3. What are your popular products or services over the last season / week / day / year? Tell your Fans, and include images
  4. Limited availability of a product or service? Let your Fans know and create the urgency to buy
  5. Have you noticed a ‘trend revival’ for a product or service? Talk about it: inspire new customers
  6. Motivational or positive quotes to inspire and engage your audience. Picture quotes rank highly in ‘shared media’ across all social channels
  7. Are you testing new products or services? What’s in the pipeline? Can people sign up for ‘early bird’ deals?
  8. Have you been to an event / craft fair / conference? What was discussed? What’s new & exciting?
  9. Do you have a new team member? Can you introduce them to your Fan Base with a photo or interview?
  10. Anyone in your team have a work anniversary coming up? Use social media to thank them for their service
  11. Does anyone in your office have new / adorable / strange pets? Can you tie this into your brand?
  12. Have there been any industry announcements / problems / milestones? Talk about them and give your insights to your Fans
  13. #ThrowBackThursday: post a photo of yourself or your business from a different era in your life. Use the hashtag #TBT to tie your post into this fun weekly event online
  14. Are there any events in your community? Can you join local events and reach a wider local audience?
  15. Have you received a great testimonial from a client? Share it on social!
  16. Have you reached a business milestone? Years of operation / number of sales / customers / Fans etc.
  17. Re-post & retweet other brands’ content, especially if it’s relevant to your audience as well. Be sure to @tag the brands in your updates – share the love!
  18. Are there any products or services people are struggling to understand? Can you market them better using photos or videos online?
  19. Has a customer recently found an alternate use for a product or service, or an unexpected benefit?
  20. Are you brainstorming something in the office? Could you include your Fans by way of question or Poll?
  21. What inspires you to create your products or services? Can you share these insights with Fans?
  22. Have you had a ‘light bulb moment’ that inspired a product or service? Make a short video about it and upload it online
  23. Viral videos of interest to your audience
  24. Do your products or services have any rare or mysterious ingredients? Can you share them?
  25. Debunk common myths in your market, either as a picture (infographic) post, or as a blog post that you share online


So there you have it! 

Good luck, and if you have any more suggestions we’d love to see them in the comments.