Research shows that unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day isn’t planned weeks in advance.* Sorry, Dad! So this means that the best time to market to your customers with a Father’s Day twist is in the 5-10 days leading up to the event – and that means now!

This year we’re all set for 21 June, so now is the perfect time to get your message out there. Here’s how:

Top Tips for Father’s Day Marketing Campaigns:

  • If you sell products, compile a list of your top Dad-friendly wares, with direct details (i.e. links) on how to purchase. If you sell online, highlight your delivery timescales
  • If you sell services, consider bundling or renaming packages to tie into the theme
  • Target kids & mothers: making offers attractive to families as a whole can prove a real winner, for example, “kids eat free on Father’s Day”. Young children often make key buying decisions and pay for gifts with pocket money, so targeting this customer and price point in your marketing can be fun and quirky – as well as making things easy for mum!
  • If you don’t have anything tangible to offer or sell for Father’s Day, you can still join the conversation and generate buzz by hosting a competition or sharing picture quotes. If your business is more seriously-minded you could honour Fathers around the world, or compile a list of famous Father & Child success stories that are relevant to your industry.
  • Combine your marketing efforts: use multiple platforms to promote Father’s Day in your business, including email newsletters, physical flyers & posters, social media and blogging.
  • And for your email marketing, note that emails with a Father’s Day focus are 14% more likely to be opened than generic emails.* So spending time getting the subject line right  is key and well worth the effort.

A father carries pictures where his money used to be.


We’d love to hear your top Father’s Day marketing tips as well – let us know in the comments.


* study, 2013: