You Rock, Let’s Roll…

At Electra, their mission is clear. Become the most amazing lifestyle brand in the bicycle industry. They don’t do this by simply designing better bikes, accessories and clothes. They  do this by being themselves. By infusing their culture into everything they do. By celebrating creativity and individuality.

Electra didn’t get to where they are by following in someone else’s tire tracks. And they’re not going to start now.

Electra Bicycle Company is the leading lifestyle bicycle brand in the U.S. and quickly expanding throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. 

In The Bag PR are delighted to be named as official PR partners in association with London Design Agency, FishPie, for the brand’s UK expansion.


Electra launches in the UK with a bang in Riverside Journals feature article, May 2015.

Riverside Journal - Way to Roll - 6.5.15



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Photography courtesy of Electra Bikes | Website