We can all learn a lot from 1999’s cult-classic teen film, American Pie. Yes, that’s right: things even more business-relevant than late 90s fashion, not playing with your food and always, always locking the door when you’re… ah-hem… you know what we mean.

Mid-way through the film there’s a scene in which mochaccino-drinking sophisticate, Paul Finch asks his pal, Kevin to agree with anything he hears about him. Puzzled, Kevin agrees. Quickly, Kevin’s promise is tested when a fellow high school student – delightfully credited by IMDb as ‘Random Cute Girl‘! – runs over seeking confirmation on whether his friend Finch is… equipped. (You know; ‘trouser-wise‘.)

Bewildered and yet remembering his earlier promise, Kevin confirms the rumour and the girl returns to her waiting friends in a flutter of giggling teenage excitement.

Paul Finch, dear readers, had mastered the art of PR.

Check it out here.

People do business with brands that they know, like and trust.


PR is many things. Primarily, it is the act of building trust: and trust sells.

Think about it: have you ever been faced with a decision, purchasing or otherwise, that’s ultimately been influenced by something you’ve seen in a magazine, something a celebrity has said, worn or done, or based on the advice of a trusted family member, friend or colleague?

Here at In The Bag PR, we work to get your brand noticed by the editors, publications, media and bloggers that hold influence with your target market.

And that’s how PR differs from paid advertising or brand-based marketing: PR gives you influence.

So, who do you want to influence within your customer pool? Come to us, and we might just be able to connect you with the media outlets to make your dream become a reality.

Or at the very least, land you a cute date for the prom 😉

To your product PR success!

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