Consumers are captivated by magic in PR and marketing. But how does the magic happen? What’s the secret?

This week we’re looking at how to breathe new life into your brand strategy and attract new audiences, fans and customers.


You don’t need to fly blind when you’re crafting your PR, Marketing & Social Media campaigns if you want to add a little dose of magic. On the contrary; the more planning you do, the more successful your outcomes are likely to be.

Yet while chance and circumstance can add a lot of magic to your message, the key is to always work with your target market in mind, and strike the balance between control and creativity.


4 Ways To Add Magic To Your Message


  1. Know Your Target Market: What’s ‘magical’ to one audience may well be entirely looked over by another. It’s your job to know which messages, images and offers will trigger your target market and influence them to take action
  2. Do your homework: Look at what’s worked in the past for your customers, your brand and your industry. Take a little time to research successful campaigns and look at how you can adapt successful elements into your own brand
  3. Invest in professional photography: Images are a powerful storytelling asset and can translate the magic of your message faster than words alone. You can you read our post here on The Importance Of Professional Photography and apply it your your PR , Marketing & Social Media
  4. Take risks, be creative! Once you’ve done your homework, you know your target market and you have planned out the goals for your campaign, go ahead and be creative! Magic and creativity go hand-in-hand so be bold, take risks and above all, have fun!


The more you are able to entice your audience with your marketing message, the more you are able to convert their attention into action.

Adding magic in your campaigns can help you stand out from the crowd and nurture a relationship with your audience that can increase sales, repeat business and brand loyalty.


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