Yes, you read it right – we said ‘Summer!’ When it comes to PR – *especially* seasonal PR – the earlier you start planning, the better.

How to get started:

  • Select your key products / services for the season.
  • Identify key contacts in the PR / media industry – make contact to access their upcoming editorial calendars.
  • Get high-quality professional photography or imagery where applicable.
  • Fine-tune your key marketing messages and draft your marketing plan.


Summer PR Checklist

Forward planning dramatically increases your chances of success.

Use our simple checklist to begin planning your Summer PR campaigns:

  • Select Key product / service lines.
  • Make all necessary arrangements to ensure products will be in stock & loaded onto your website / inventory system, and that services will be available.
  • Have professional photography taken, if applicable.
  • Make contact with target publications.
  • Obtain copy of forward features list for upcoming topics.
  • Draft & proof your press release.
  • Submit to publications – do this early.
  • Follow up coverage and maximise on social media to gain better leverage.

Top takeaway: Start early… start NOW.

You want to avoid getting to the end of May and thinking, “Some Summer PR would do nicely, please”. Set aside some time in your diary to work through our checklist and begin securing that all-important summer coverage.


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