Prior to the rise of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Advertising, Marketing, and PR were three very distinct business disciplines. Fast forward to 2017 with the explosion of social media, and they’ve merged to be the unstoppable force we know today!


In a nutshell, Social PR is all about leveraging the power and reach of Social Media to connect with new audiences and get more people talking about you, more often.

Social PR can open big doors for your business. If you have a current Social Media audience size of say, 2,000 and you land a collaboration with a complimentary brand with an audience size of 20,000 then you’re increasing your exposure tenfold!

Is it hard? No. But it does take time and consistent effort to create a steady pipeline of large-scale Social PR opportunities.

No Business Is An Island

You may have heard the phrase, ‘no man is an island.’ Well the same can be said for business: if you want to get in front of hundreds, thousands…even millions of new people, you can’t expect to do it single-handedly. You’ll reach your goals much faster with Social PR.

By forming connections with other brands and people that also serve your target market (brands that compliment you, not compete with you), you can open yourself up to infinite Social PR possibilities and opportunities.


How To GET Started

  1. Build relationships: You need to be ‘out there’ (online) making relationships with fellow business owners, industry experts, bloggers and thought leaders creating opportunities to showcase your brand to their fans and followers. Follow them on Social Media, pick up the phone and introduce yourself, write emails, attend networking events, use everything at your disposal to form a new bond.
  2. Look for opportunities to collaborate: Once you have established connection with complimentary businesses in your space, seek opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration on their website and social media profiles. This could be via guest blogging, social media ‘shout-outs’, dual-branded competitions or promotions…the list is endless! Your goal is to get in front of their audience and convert their attention into sales. You can also promote their brand for the benefit of your own audience as well.
  3. Don’t give up: It takes time to form the kind of relationships that will generate big and worthwhile Social PR opportunities for your business. The end results are worth it. Keep going and make Social PR a key part of your marketing strategy.

To your Social PR success!

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