Is It Suddenly Too Late For Summer PR?

Remember way back in January when you set all your exciting PR goals for the year? Well, it’s coming up to the end of May(!) and if you haven’t found time to tick everything off your list…or even get started…then there are still things you can do to gain the all-important summer coverage.

Is It Too Late For Summer PR?

Yes, and no. If you had a lot of big glossies on your target list and wanted to get your products featured in the ‘Must Have’ and ‘Editor’s Picks’ sections for summer, then it most likely is too late to begin now, as these features are typically planned months in advance.

But, if you’re able to be proactive and flexible in your approach, you might just land some fantastic, timely coverage in smaller publications, or online via Social PR or top bloggers in your industry.

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Welcome May!

Welcome May! We’re nearly half way through the year, the sun is shining and there’s lots in store this month both here in the office, and out and about as well.

Today we share a fantastic inspirational business quote from Jonah Sachs, “Your brand is a story unfolding across all your customer touch points.”

Whatever unfolds for you this month…be sure to enjoy!