Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for retailers and B2B companies to get creative with their marketing and have some fun.

From tongue-in-cheek, to quirky, bold, sexy, sentimental and serious, here are 14 of our favourite campaigns from around the world…

1: Introducing, the ‘Twosie’

ASDA’s double bunny love ‘twosie’ provided the the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the sofa on Valentine’s Day 2013.

2: Free Cot…collect in 9 months

In 2013 IKEA Australia offered a free cot to any babies born in Australia EXACTLY nine months after Valentine’s Day.

IKEA-Free Cot


3: I Dove You…

In 2012 Dove took over a giant screen in London’s Victoria station, which displays tweeters’ responses to questions about women and beauty.

Dove Tweet Screen


4: Create your own ‘McMemories’

A McDonald’s in Tampa was transformed in 2014 into a sit-down restaurant with waiters and candles. Guests were encouraged to reserve tables, the first 10 of which received complimentary roses.











5: ‘aphrodisiac popcorn’, anyone?

In 2013 TV steaming service Blinkbox has teamed up with French popcorn company Cheeky Frog to create ‘Lights, Popcorn, Action!’ including ingredients which, they claim, act as the world’s first ‘aphrodisiac popcorn’.









6: Barbie and Ken reunite on Valentines Day

Way back in 2004, Barbie grew tired of Ken and set up camp with an Australian surfer named Blaine. Fast forward 7 years and toy maker Mattel decided it was time to reunite our favourite couple, and Barbie and Ken were back together in time for Valentine’s Day 2011.



7: You drive me crazy

In 2012, TomTom searched their map database to find the most romantic roads throughout the nation and to find which counties were the most likely to find couples driving down Lover’s Lane on Valentine’s Day…




8: “Get Laid or Get Your Money Back”

Bold promises from Scottish Fashion label, Foul Fashion, who in 2013 promised full refunds to customers who didn’t have sex within a month of wearing their garments for the first time.

Foul Fashion


9: Warning ‘Chair on Chair’ action ahead

IKEA’s Singapore ad agency had fun for Valentine’s Day 2014. The ad was released on social media, and placed in-store as posters.












10: Baby it’s cold outside

Events agency created weekend packages to watch the Naked Sledding World Championship 2014.

Events agency created weekend packages to watch the Naked Sledding World Championship 2014


11: O2 have got you covered

In 2013 O2 used their store windows to to display messages of love sent via Twitter using the hashtag #O2Tweetheart.



12: Nothing says “I’ve moved on” like adopting a giant cuddly cockroach in the name of your favorite ex.

For a small fee, you can adopt a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach with the San Francisco Zoo this Valentine’s Day. If that’s not your style, consider a Giant Hairy Scorpion instead, perhaps?

San Fran Zoo Valentines Day






13: Pizza Hut Proposal

In 2012 ‘The Hut took their Valentine’s Day $10 Dinner Box that one step further with a complete engagement package including Red Ruby Ring and Fireworks show for $10,010!




14: And finally, Be Cautious, Cupid

In 2013 McAfee commissioned a survey to study the pitfalls of sharing personal data in relationships, and presented their findings in a handy infographic. And who says technology isn’t romantic?

Mcafee Data